2014 Varend Corso Floating Flower Parade Delft

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 6.36.49 pm

Each year, there is a beautiful Varend Corso in Delft and surrounds. This three day event showcases the best fruit, vegetables and of course, flowers in the region.  In 2014, it took place on 1, 2, and 3 August 2014.  Full information is here (in 4 languages):


Along the waters of the Westland region, we were fortunate with nice weather this year and thousands and thousands of people found a place to sit to watch the hour-long floating parade.

The boats are ‘Westlanders’ and ‘Sailing Westlanders’. In the past these boats were used for transporting produce to auction. Both boats were made from wood before World War One, and then from iron and steel. They are specially designed to sail through the shallow Westland and Delfland waters. Each boat is 10 to 18 metres long and can carry between 10 and 30 tons. www.thehagueonline.com

I went along on the last day – Sunday 4th August 2014 – and watched the parade in Delft.  I cycled along the canal and it was a wonderful atmosphere.

A few of my favourite photos are below.  You can see my full album on Google+:

(link coming soon)

One of the things I liked most was that all ages took part.  Everyone from babies to the elderly seemed to enjoy watching or participating.

Some people got very comfy in their own boats for an up-close view:

2014 Varend Corso

…Others brought along their own chairs…DSC_0027

This steam boat was early on in the parade…


These children had a colourful little boat…


There was also a boat to collect donations for the foundation that organises the parade:


Some of the costumes were very elaborate!

DSC_0183 DSC_0256 DSC_0286

Most of the boats had an ad for their sponsor, usually trailing behind in a little mini boat.  Here is one for Koppert Biological Systems with a bee:


Delft provided a beautiful backdrop:


The 2014 Varend Corso Floating Flower Parade Delft was a great experience.


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