Vance Joy in Amsterdam

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I have to say I’m not totally up to date with the music scene, but like to share with the Dutch Australian community when Australian artists are performing in The Netherlands or Dutch artists performing in Australia.

Here’s one show I just discovered this morning: Australian Vance Joy was in Amsterdam yesterday.   I’m afraid I have to say his name wasn’t familiar at first – nice name though!  When I found this song on YouTube I have heard it on the Dutch radio before – but didn’t realise the artist was Australian.  Do you find that in music, it’s near impossible to spot an accent!

The text on the Amsterdam Melkweg website (below) translated into English says:
“The Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy knows how to connect with people with his folky songs.  The single Riptide is a hit in his home country, but also played on 3FM (here in The Netherlands).  He recently played to a full house in Paradiso and luckily came back!”

Well, that show was yesterday – maybe he’ll come back again?  Take a look at his website to keep up to date with tours:

Meanwhile, tonight I’m looking forward to seeing Australian Mirusia perform in Delft!

Vance Joy Amsterdam


Do you know of an Australian artist performing in The Netherlands or a Dutch artist performing in Australia?  Contact me and I’ll share details with the Dutch Australian community here.


2 thoughts on “Vance Joy in Amsterdam

    1. Hi Maarten, I’m feeling so old, I don’t know who they are either! Bas would know, he listens to Triple J a lot still I think. Yes, if any Aussie artists/bands are coming here to NL, please come share in the Facebook group or via here so I can spread the word. Thanks! Renee

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