Museum Prinsenhof Delft Crowdfunding Campaign “View of the New Church”

Prinsenhof Delft Puzzle

Help Museum Prinsenhof Delft purchase of the famous Delft masterpiece “View of New Church” of Hendrick van Vliet via a unique crowdfunding campaign.

For only € 20, you can buy a ‘piece’ of this painting, and also receive your own puzzle of the painting to keep (to collect at the museum).

The Delft painter Hendrick van Vliet (1611-1675) is regarded internationally as one of the most important representatives of the world famous Delft School, to which Johannes Vermeer also belonged. The painting gives a wonderful view of the historic interior of the New Church, the main church of Delft.  The choir screen, which was long ago demolished, is also depicted in the painting.

“Face in the New Church” is currently on display at the Museum, but due to soon be returned to the owners.  However the significance of this painting to the cultural history of Delft is significant and the museum has begun an extensive campaign to acquire this masterpiece.

To purchase this painting € 865,000 is needed, which Museum Prinsenhof Delft itself can not afford.  In addition to a contribution from a limited equity purchase fund, the museum hopes to acquire a significant portion of the amount needed through cultural funds.  To add to this, Museum Prinsenhof Delft is aiming to raise € 15,000 with this crowdfunding action. The 1818 Fund has also pledged to double the final amount of the crowdfunding.

Since the crowdfunding campaign began, more than € 13 000 has already been raised.  People from Delft as well as other parts of The Netherlands and even overseas have contributed.  The campaign will finish at the end of February 2015 and there are now less than 100 pieces still for sale. 

Purchase your exclusive “piece” of this painting, along with your own puzzle of 1,000 pieces, with the image of the “Face in the New Church of Hendrick van Vliet (size: 70×45 cm)  online here before 28 February 2015 for only € 20 (collect your puzzle at the museum), or € 26.95 including postage within The Netherlands.  You can also buy several pieces!

The video below gives more information (in Dutch)

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