Looking for a way back to Australia: Dutch Australian Rachel shares her story

Dutch Australian Rachel shares her story.  Can you help?  Comment below!

Dear DutchAustralians,

I remember the time that I realized that I wanted to go to Australia. I was at work at Heineken in Amsterdam as a tour guide and we had loads of Australians visiting. I immediately picked up their laid back and easygoing characters and always enjoyed chatting to them.  We spoke about the country, the great surf and nature and I was sold on the spot.

And so I knew, I didn’t just want to go for a visit, but actually wanted to experience the country and culture. It was a dream I had…. and a dream that had to come true. So I worked hard and saved all the money I had and left the Netherlands on the 16th of November 2012.

My journey was going to take me to Canada, New Zealand and would end in Australia. I planned to travel for 6 months but 6 Months became a year, and a year became quickly two years.

All the expectations I had about the Lifestyle of Australians became reality and I truly fell in love with the country. I settled down in Noosa Heads QLD, for most of my time. As a passionate kiteboarder, this was a unique opportunity to develop myself in the sport.  And so I did, while working as a marketing assistant I got my kiteboard instructors certificate.

Unfortunately, I had to leave due to the fact that my visa expired. I felt heartbroken, Noosa became my home for the last two years and I didn’t want to leave.  Being back in the Netherlands is more difficult than I ever imagined. All the great memories, and friends I made, I was forced to leave them behind. In return, I got to see my family and friends in the Netherlands again, who I missed for two years.

Still, I feel incomplete.  My experience in Australia has changed me. Being back in the Netherlands makes me realise how much I miss the lifestyle down under, the “no worries”, and the relaxed atmosphere. The not living on the clock, and being able enjoy the little things.

So, I am looking for a way back. To be able to have back what I can’t have in the Netherlands. It feels like I have outgrown the country that I have been born and brought up in.

So I’d like to ask the readers for advice. Do you know companies around the sunshine coast that gives Dutch citizen the opportunity to be sponsored? I have a degree in International Business and Management and approximately a year experience in Marketing. I love sports and hope to open up my own kiteschool one day. But for now I’d like to work in my field of studies and live the lifestyle.

I really hope and would highly appreciate it if there is someone that can point me in the right direction.

Rachel Lamberts (26)

16 thoughts on “Looking for a way back to Australia: Dutch Australian Rachel shares her story

  1. WisH you luck, Rachel, but can’t help you, am happily retired living at the Dutch Retirement Village in Birkdale, Queensland.

  2. Hi Rachel, I applied for a skilled visa and although it took me about two years to get it, I got it!!! So that’s one way. Another way is to study in Australia, get yourself an Australian agree (and work experience) so it will be easier to find work, or in your case a sponsored job.
    If you have questions about the skilled visa application you are welcome to email me (barbarahoek@yahoo.com).
    I lived in Sydney for four years and went back to the Netherlands in 2012. And just like you, I miss Australia, the people and the work athmosphere. That’s why I decided to go back in July this year. Fortunately I have a resident return visa.
    Good luck, I hope it will work out for you!

  3. Or marry an Ozzie… 🙂 Or immigrate, there is a point system, have a look on the immi.gov.au web site and see how far you get with points and then just apply. Also the study visa might be an option.

    Oz the land of opportunities… life is great. Have been here now 14 years and still enjoy Sydney.

    1. Hi Jeroen, yeah I have looked at a state sponsorship visa with the point system. And if I give myself minimum points it comes to 55. If I would get a state sponsorship it will bring it to 60. I’m not quite sure how this works tho. Do you have an idea?

  4. Hi Rachel! Love your story. I live just outside Denver close to Antje and her family. Sounds like they were lucky to have you as a babbysitter. I have a very good friend in the Melbourne area. Will share your story with her.

    1. Hi Monique,

      Thank you for sharing my story. Do your friends in Melbourne have any good tips? Still looking for opportunities.

  5. Hi Rachel, I have been in Oz for many years now and live on the Gold Coast with my wife. We love it here and love the community we live in. I always worked in Hospitality and still am. Currently my work is in Japan but will return soon to the Coast. Maybe give the hospitality industry a go as people in your field are always needed in the industry. All the best and hope you can come to Oz on the near future.

    Kind regards,


  6. Maybe you could try applying to New Zealand instead? You have a degree & mktg work experience – and you are young. It might be easier for you to get into nz. Oz is just a 3 hr ok and trip & you could live a similar lifestyle here, travel frequently & in a few years maybe apply to Australia again? FYI our family is about to relocate from nz to Netherlands thru job transfer & I’m going back to my dutch roots. Plus I’m looking forward to exploring Europe again. However, I do know from my own experiences how constricting it feels to move back to your home country again after living offshore in a country you have loved. Good luck!!

  7. Hi everyone, I want to thank everybody for all the replies. Really appreciate all the effort. I have some good news that I would like to share with you. It has taken a while but I have received the good news that I have been granted a 401 sports visa and will be able to work and stay in Australia for another 2 years. I have been lucky that Kite Republic in Melbourne where willing to offer me a temporary sponsorship and I am very excited to start work and live in your beautiful country again.

    1. now you have to find yourself an ozzie and get in a relationship asap so you can apply for a defacto spouse visa once your temporary visa expires 😉
      best of luck!!

  8. Dear Rachel, I feel you and know exactly how you feel like…

    I’ve been threw the same situation,my heart and soul is still in Australia while my body wonders around Europe at the moment..

    I also have been working and traveling around WA, SA and NT. The person it made who I am today is created by the people of Australia the nature the natives the lifestyle the everything.. I never experienced the feeling of homesickness before I left Australia,sick crying loneliness etc etc etc

    I feel like I belong there..!!

    I’m also looking for a way back Down Under,I find particularly hard to get granted a new visa/permit.

    The biggest love in my life is the love for Australia…

    Hopefully you and i will find a way back Down Under..

    Good luck!

    Pierre Damen

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