Betty and Cat: Bilingual Dutch and English books

These books are amazing.  Author Hennie Jacobs kindly sent me review copies last summer and the girls and I loved them.  We have bookshelves filled with both English and Dutch language kids books – but these are the only ones we have with BOTH languages in the one book.

Hennie was born in The Netherlands but then moved with her family to Montreal at six years old and needed to become bilingual very quickly!  So she has written these books for children from her own experiences.  She now works as an advertising copywriter and also teaches English as a second language to both business people and children.

Beautifully illustrated and interactive, these books are not a direct translation but instead a playful conversation between the main characters in Dutch and English.  They read from top to bottom instead of left to right and are fun and friendly.

Firm favourites in our house and can highly recommend taking a look at the Betty and Cat website to buy your Dutch Australian children, grandchildren or friend’s children a copy!  You can also visit their website to find a sample, more information and bookstores.  English/French version also available.

Betty and Cat Website

Betty and Cat Facebook Page

Have you read Betty and Cat?  Would love your comments below!

Dutch snow cover NL Kennel cover

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