Ever heard of Rokjesdag?  I hadn’t until now but it totally makes sense.  It’s pretty exciting here in the Netherlands when it finally gets warm enough to wear a skirt (rok) without tights or leggings underneath!  The term was coined by Dutch author Martin Bril.

Winter seems to last forever in the Netherlands, especially for a Queenslander.  The temperatures were already dropping below what I feel is comfortable late September and it’s now April!  Even with a whole month in Australia in December, it still seems tough to deal with one cold day after another.  I’m totally sick of wearing winter clothes.  Last month in early March, we had one sunny day that reached 17 degrees and everyone got all excited…it even happened on a weekend so there was a lot of gardening going on!  However it was just that one day, temperatures dropped again the next day.  However today, it’s due to hit 20 degrees and therefore is officially “Rokjesdag”.

As you can see in this flashmob video from a few years ago, we all get pretty excited here when it warms up…. though I have to say, I’m still in jeans and boots this morning!  Perhaps later on in the day I’ll find it warm enough to swap these for a skirt.  My weather report on my iPhone for Den Haag is also a bit more conservative – I don’t see anything above 19 for the next 2 weeks!


Yesterday, when it reached about 18 degrees and I picked up the girls from school, they were pretty excited to not have to wear their jacket home.  They asked if they could unpack their summer dresses as soon as we were home!

Mind you, only earlier this week, I was scraping ice off my car in the morning – it still gets very cold at night but we are all happy about it getting warm for at least a few hours during the day.

So, I wonder if there should be an equivalent in Australia – perhaps a “jacket and long boots day” when it hits 10 degrees?!


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