2015 Australian and New Zealand Club Summer Beach BBQ The Hague


On Saturday 27th June 2015, the Australian and New Zealand Club The Netherlands hosted their annual Summer Beach BBQ.

With a great group of people, delicious food and SUNSHINE, we had a wonderful afternoon.  It certainly was a much nicer day weather-wise than the 2014 ANZC Summer Beach BBQ though that was still a fun day too.

Held at the Boomerang Beach Club (I mean, where else could we have chosen?!), it was a lovely location…


There was cold beer, and, to my great surprise and delight….


…even GINGER BEER!  (Usually very difficult to get in the Netherlands and I miss it)


Plenty of food, including yummy seafood:


And the girls loved these cupcakes for dessert.


Isabella even won a prize!  Gourmet vinegar from the Australian Pukara Estate, will be tasty on our salads this summer.


Thanks to the organisers for a fun afternoon. If you’re an Australian or New Zealander in The Netherlands, check out the new website of the ANZC and follow the ANZC Facebook page to keep up to date with future events.

Click on the image below to access all my photos and short videos on Google+.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 22.58.33




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