Elearning Course: Moving to a New Country or State

I had the pleasure of meeting Kama when we were both living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.  Now she is living in the UK and I’m in The Netherlands!  Author of The Happy Migrant, Kama has moved from country to country several times and gathers all her experiences into this practical book.  Recently, she has converted this to an ecourse.

So if you are moving to a new country or state, this easy-to-follow, very practical course from Kama Frankling on Udemy is a must!  Spending some time going through the lessons and quizzes is likely to save you hours and time and stress and set you up for success in your new location.

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You can access the course here, at time of writing it is only 15 euros.

If you take the course or read the book, or have any questions about them, please comment below!

Elearning is a topic I’m personally very interested in and you can read more over at my blog on www.zestee.com about creating an course.



Here is the course description from Kama on Udemy: 

Are you considering a moving to a new country or state and don’t know where to start? Has your planned move to a new country or state left you feeling overwhelmed? Are you dreading leaving behind friends and family? What if I were to tell you that the move doesn’t have to be so overwhelming, that it could actually be fun and exciting? It can. The Secret is Preparation

Now I know from experience, and 30 + years of moving from country to country, that in a busy life the preparation can feel just as overwhelming as the move. So to make it all just that bit easier I have narrowed down the preparation for you in to simple to follow tips.

The tips are divided into two easy to follow sections: 1. Preparing for your move2. Enjoying and embracing your new environment.

The sections are designed to enable you to follow the tips from start to finish during your move. I have even included a downloadable PDF for you to print out and read as you go. Prepare Before you MoveRead and implement the relevant tips before each part of your move takes place. The more prepared you are, the easier the move will be. The tips take you from preparing, packing, arranging, through to making new friends, staying healthy, and embracing your new environment. I suggest that you invest in a diary to record important information. As you will see as you work your way through the tips, this really can make a big difference and ease a lot of potential stress. Enjoy the move without the stress of having to remember everything. It is all here for you to tick off as you go.


  1. Over 22 lectures and 55 mins of content!
  2. A collection of practical tips to work through as you prepare for and make your move to a New Country or State
  3. A collection of practical tips towork through as as you settle in your New Country or State


  1. A new diary or notebook is very useful to have during this course


  1. This is a starter course for those who are moving to a new country or state for the first time, and a reminder for those who have made such a move before.


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