De Weilandwinkel, Delft, The Netherlands

We live in a beautiful area right on the border between The Hague and Delft.  Our area is called Ypenburg and it’s right next to the Delftse Hout and Bieslandse Bos.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 00.41.45

I had already discovered the Hoeve Biesland by attending their awesome annual “farm festival”, which you can read about in these posts:

Today, we went to De Weilandwinkel (translates to English as the Field Shop).  I’d been once before, when it was a big yellow van, but which has now been extended to include a kind of wooden annex as well.  I’ve just put together a video of our super fun visit this afternoon:

We had a delicious and healthy stir fry this evening with the produce we bought today and our fridge is full of lots more fresh food.

The 2015 Biesland Dagen is coming up on 5 & 6 September and is a good opportunity to check out the WeilandWinkel, though it’s open Monday-Saturday from 10am-5pm.  You can find out more information (in Dutch) here:



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