Fresh Dutch Stroopwaffels in Sydney?

It was great to get a message recently via the Dutch Australian Facebook page from Pieter Den Heten.  He alerted me to his Kickstarted campaign to get an organic Stroopwafel bakery up and running in Sydney:

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 18.44.39

So for all you Dutchies in Sydney who would like to be able to get some delicious fresh Stroopwaffels, check out the campaign here and back by 13 October 2015:

Good luck Pieter!



Since moving to Australia from Amsterdam almost 5 years ago I have been thinking about introducing the Stroopwafel to the Australian public. Not the way you find them in the supermarkets but the traditional way we like to eat them in The Netherlands- freshly baked, straight from the hot waffle iron! Using only the best organic ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, my Gourmet Stroopwafels will be served hot off the waffle iron at Sydney markets. We will also run limited batches of prepackaged waffles, produced fresh daily before the crack of dawn.

Pre-order yours now by backing me with one of the great value Rewards I have put together for my early bird supporters with up to a 50% discount on the estimated retail price.

Or, continue reading to discover how I will stand out from the crowd with my gooey Dutch caramel biscuits.

While doing my research I came up with two important things: 

  • A real Gourmet Stroopwafel needs to be as fresh as possible. My Stroop&Co waffles are handmade daily using only organic ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible.
  • A Gourmet Stroopwafel needs gourmet flavours! I’m working on exciting new flavour combinations to give this Dutch classic a Gourmet twist. Keep reading to find out about my mouth-watering new flavour.

Limited edition Gourmet Stroopwafel flavour; ‘The Australian’

Traditionally Stroopwafels are prepared with cinnamon, but I’ve created an Aussie twist for this classic Dutch treat. ‘The Australian’ is a limited edition Gourmet Stroopwafel flavour that brings Leatherwood Honey flavoured syrup between Lemon Myrtle waffles. It’s deliciously different, inspired by my new home here in Australia. I’ll be bringing more limited edition flavours to my Stroop&Co Gourmet Stroopwafels, always using the finest organic ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible.

Read more:

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