Amazing mini Dutch opera singer Amira Willighagen

I only just recently discovered these videos of this amazing mini Dutch opera singer Amira Willighagen when an Australian friend shared this video on Facebook:

She explains that she hadn’t had any singing lessons, but when her brother was playing the violin on Koninginnedag, she wanted to do something as well and singing seemed a good idea.  She found opera videos on YouTube that she liked and just copied them!  Amira won the finals of Holland’s Got Talent in 2013 at only 9 years old.

Since then, she’s performed regularly, including with Andre Rieu:

You can see all of her performances around the world on her YouTube channel:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 21.33.33

Wow, what a voice!




4 thoughts on “Amazing mini Dutch opera singer Amira Willighagen

  1. Have you looked at her performance of “O sole mio” on “Classics is Groot” with Patrizio Buanne on July 30, 2016? It’s on YouTube. She was so popular in South Africa that they asked her back to sing in eleven performances for “Afrikaans is Groot” – and news just out is that she will perform at Classics is Groot 2017 on June 24 and 24 – she has star billing . . . She turns 13 on March 27, 2017. What about getting her invited to perform in Australia?

  2. i think amira willighagen is an amazing singer for a lady so young and i admire her for using some of her money to build playgroungs for kids who dont have anywhere to play and she has a very big future and should never give ip singing

  3. She not so small, now – in 2018. Her third album, “With all my heart” is available on most digital platforms.

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