Dutch Kroketten – a recipe with Australian ingredients from Shane’s Oma


On the Dutch Australian Facebook Page recently, Shane John Backx shared his Oma’s Croquettes (Kroketten) recipe with us.  Re-sharing here with permission.

I asked Shane for a little more information about his Oma, here’s his words:

“Her story is like a lot of others, survived the depression, kept her family of 4 young boys and husband fed and alive during the war living through the terror of the Nazis, came to Australia in 1952 for a better life. Widowed at 50, she worked hard, had a few trips back to Holland, helped raise her single mother daughters kids, eventually got dementia and died at 93 in a nursing home. She and Opa who died at 53 were my heroes.”

If you try out this recipe, let us know how it goes – love to see some photos too!  -Renee

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