Australian Umbilical Brothers tour The Netherlands

I’ve just discovered that The Umbilical Brothers are touring The Netherlands!  These Australians have been performing as a comedy duo since 2006.  More info here:

From their website: “The boys are back with a brand new show, and it’s a KID’s SHOW!!  It contains violence, sexual references, drug taking and frequent coarse language. It is absolutely NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.  With the best will in the world, Dane (David) and Shavid (Shane) come onstage to perform a fun show for the kids, with singing, dancing, audience participation and storytelling. Unfortunately the audience is made up of nothing but adults – and if there’s one thing adults don’t want to see, it’s a kids show.”

Their Holland tour is from 20 October through until 14 November.  Full details here:!comingup/cjg9

They are actually in the same city as me tonight!  (The Hague).  I hope to catch their Delft show next week on 12 November.  That’s two nights of Australian comedy in a row at Theater de Veste, with Damian Clark performing at the Delft International Comedy Night on 11 November.


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