2015 Museum Night Delft: Friday November 6


Museum Night Delft

‘Gazing into the Eternal’, the Museum Night sets sail to the most astonishing cultural evening known to Delft. Temporary and timeless art forms meet one another. The endlessly repetitive geometric shapes by Jan Schoonhoven stand next to temporary art in the Interspace project. The churches housing the Interspaces this year symbolise the contrast between the earthly-temporary and the heavenly-timeless. Focus your eyes and experience all the attractions that the Museum Night Delft has to offer. After using up all your concentration by looking at works of art, you can hop on to one of our speedy vehicles which perpetually swirl through the city, or dance like there is no tomorrow at our afterparty.


Time: 8p.m., Agathaplein

Pulsating light- and sound waves put the Agathaplein into a stir. Parisian artist and architect Takami Nakamoto creates ethereal performances, gigantic installations and dreamy surroundings. With his studio Nonotak, founded with illustrator Noemi Schipfer, he designs audiovisual artwork to put on show at festivals during his world tour. Their performances seduce, blind and make audiences shiver. Joined by drummer Sébastien Benoits, with whom Nakamoto previously had success in their French metal band Doyle Airence, he sets the Museum Night ablaze using led lasers and intense rhythms. Patrick van Mil, director of the Museum Prinsenhof Delft, will hold an opening speech.

Entrance Tickets

The ticket prices are:

Presale: €10,-

On Friday November 6th: €12,-

Children under 12: free admission (parents do need an entrance ticket)

Expat Tour: €5,-
Tickets are available at www.webshopdelft.nl.

And at the following presale-points:

  • A.J.Prins / Choorstraat 4
  • Boekhandel de Omslag / Wijnhaven 16
  • DOK / Vesteplein 100
  • Galerie de Kunstkop / Nieuwe Langendijk 10
  • Hypo / Sint Agathaplein 4
  • Museum Prinsenhof Delft / Sint Agathaplein 1
  • Science Centre Delft / Mijnbouwstraat 120
  • TIP / Kerkstraat 3
  • Theater de Veste / Vesteplein 1
  • Velvet Music Delft / Voldersgracht 3


The Interspace project is something that makes the Museum Night Delft unique. It presents a programme filled with excellent modern art from young artists, at special locations around the city. The expositions are put together especially for this evening, and can only be visited during the Museum Night. The Interspace project will be situated in various churches throughout Delft this year. The artists show works of art featuring the themes infinity and finiteness. The artworks vary from performances and installations to photography.


In addition to the other transportation modes, we have 3 actual party buses this year. The Kwibus turns being on the road into a real party! Route: Theater de Veste / DOK, Central Station, Museum Prinsenhof Delft, Historisch Joris, City Centre, Science Centre, Royal  Delft and TU Sports and Culture.


There are also electrical vans this year. You can hardly hear them, but the snow- white Doeltax vans are hard to miss.

Canal Boat

The extremely popular Canal boats continuously circle Delft’s dark canals this year. The night will seem perpetual while you listen to beautiful guitar music or old stories about the history of Delft. This year, bestselling author Jan van der Mast is on board. His book Agneta, about the rough life of Agneta van Marken, wife to the founder of the DSM factory, currently flies over the counter. Van der Mast is assisted by Eugenie Gaiser playing the part of Agneta on the canal boats. If you prefer music, then you can take a canal boat trip with Ivo Bernhard. This singer songwriter will enchant you with his brilliant guitar music and sensitive songs. Romance will enter a new dimension during the Museum Night Delft.  There is a maximum of two tickets per person. And, just like previous years: Be quick because seats are limited!


The Museum Night Afterparty is back to its old habitat and is once again held at Theater de Veste this year. There are not one but two stages with an exceptional line up. You can dance in the theatre’s café, but you can also shine on the theatre stage itself.

On the main stage, DJ collectives MALAWI and OHANA HANA will provide the music. Expect music from all parts of the world. From Polish disco to Argentinian house, from Japanese pop music to Turkish tribal. Hot, crazy and most of all danceable, Exotica at its finest!

In the theatre café you will find DJ Roccalberti and Apenstreken, well-known to many. Last year they rocked the small stage at the Armamentarium. Music for teens and twentysomethings.  But also for eightysomethings.

Expat Tour

Over the years, a growing number of international students and expats visit the Museum Night Delft. Therefore, we are organising a special Expat Tour, in cooperation with TU Sports & Culture. The tour provides a very unique experience of Delft.

Starting 8.30 p.m., an English guide will take you on a tour to discover the highlights of the Museum Night Delft. There are four different tours, each of which has its own theme and area of interest: Science & Design (Red), Art (Blue), History (Green), and The Chef’s Choice (White). You will be able to find your group by matching your colours at the Armamentarium, so look out for a red, blue, green, or white sign. There will be a tour every 30 minutes.
A ticket will only cost you €5, – and is available at TIP during the Museum Night. You must be quick: if your tour of choice is fully booked, you will have to choose a different tour. A ticket costs only €5, – and is available at TIP. Passes for the Museum Night are also available at TIP. To join a tour you have to buy a pass for the Museum Night as well as a ticket for a tour. Discover the exciting cultural scene of Delft with the Expat Tour and have an evening you will not soon forget.

Dutch visitors of the Museum Night are also welcome, if they would like to go on a tour with an English guide and multicultural group of students and expats.


8.30 p.m.            -Science and Design

9 p.m.                   -Art

9.30 p.m.            -History

10 p.m.                -Chef’s Choice

10.30 p.m.          -Science and Design

11 p.m.                -History

11.30 p.m.          -Chef’s Choice

Full information: http://www.museumnachtdelft.nl

Z.i.c.h.t. .o.p. .D.e.l.f.t



Opening Reflections


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