Dutch language buddy for Lucy in Sydney?

Lucy contacted me via email, asking if the Dutch Australian community could help with finding her a Dutch language buddy in Sydney?  
Please comment below or contact me and I’ll put you in touch.  Renee 🙂

I am Australian born of Dutch parents. When I was 5 I moved with my family back to Holland and started school there but the family returned to Australia after two years.  With no English language skills at age 8 and keen to integrate as quickly as possible, the whole family soon started to speak only English. I returned to Holland for the first time when I was a University student and made several trips over the subsequent years, re-connecting with my Dutch family and gradually building on my rudimentary Dutch language skills.
After my Australian born children grew up and I was single again, I have finally been able to spend more time in Holland and took the plunge in 2016 to complete an intensive intermediate Dutch course in Holland at TUDelft.  I have now arrived back home in Sydney (Greenwich) and would like to maintain and build on the language skills I have learnt and am hoping to find someone who I could  practice my OK Dutch.  I am a lawyer and for most of my career practised in dispute resolution.  I now tutor law at university on a casual basis.

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