Dutch innovation installed in Northbridge, Western Australia

Perth has turned to the Netherlands and installed this Dutch innovation in Northbridge, Western Australia.  This nightclub and pub area is busy on Friday and Saturday evenings, and this “pop up urinal” comes out of the ground only at these times

Pop-up toilets combat the issue of men using other public spaces as a urinal – a “crime” that holds a $500 fine if caught.

It also can potentially free up space for the closed cubicles.

The West Australian shared this video from Sunrise on Facebook

Here is one in action in Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam in 2014, The Daily Mail UK reported on one accident involving these, but this seems to be a rare occurrence, and manufacturer, Urilift, confirmed this was not caused by a malfunction.

They’ve also been installed in several locations in the UK some time ago:

Urilift also make a “urilady” version, but (brave) women can also use the men’s urinals with one of these…this video is in another language but you get the idea:

Would you or have you ever used one of these?

Good idea or not?