2016 Embassy Festival The Hague

On Saturday 3 September, the 4th annual Embassy Festival showcased the diverse multicultural Embassies and communities represented here in The Hague.

With a program of international music, with cuisine and culture from all around the world, this free festival drew crowds to the picturesque Lange Voorhout.

Organised in close co-operation with the Municipality of The Hague’s Department of International Affairs and the city’s many embassies, the participating embassies in 2016 were: Australia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Georgia, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Ukraine, Palestinian Mission, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Vietnam, South Africa

TheHagueOnLine editor, Renee Veldman-Tentori, attended with family and friends.  “It’s one of my favourite aspects of living in this city – raising my children as global citizens amongst such diverse cultures, showing that we can live in harmony and learn from each other.  I’m particularly excited that my home country of Australia is participating this year, and highlighting a 400 year relationship between the place I was born and the place I now live.”

Australian Ambassador, Dr Brett Mason, gave a short speech at the Hotel Des Indes, and shared information about “Aussie October” being celebrated in the Netherlands this year.

Mrs Ingrid van Engelshoven, Deptuty Mayor and Alderman of International Affairs for the City of The Hague also addressed the assembled Ambassadors.

Families were well catered for, with plenty of activities for the children at the various stalls and  in a dedicated “kids compound”.

For full information on this annual festival, visit www.embassyfestival.com

More photos in my Google Photos album: 2016 Embassy Festival The Hague

This article also appeared on TheHagueOnLine.


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