‘Jan Vennik: the Dutchman at Eureka’ – written by Yvon Davis

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A piece of Dutch/Australian history: ‘Jan Vennik: the Dutchman at Eureka’ – written by Yvon Davis

Jan Vennik: the Dutchman at Eureka tells the story of a Dutchman who was present in the vicinity of the Eureka Stockade on 3 December 1854, before he was arrested and charged with Treason together with 12 others.

Former SBS Radio broadcaster Yvon Davis provides new insights into the story of Eureka by researching public records and interpreting the contents of eye witness accounts published in local and overseas newspaper articles.

Follow the story of Jan Vennik’s life on the goldfields of Central Victoria, before and after the Eureka Rebellion, in this beautifully in Ballarat designed and produced 48 page book, includes full colour photos and illustrations.

Book plus postage within Australia $20. Please email: yvondavis1956@gmail.com


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