Need help with Immigration Law: Dutch Citizenship?

One of the most popular articles on this website has been the “Quest to gain a Dutch Passport: Kelly & Nathan’s story”.  

Unfortunately, I have lost touch with Kelly & Nathan, but if they are reading this, or you know them, please ask them to contact me, would be great to hear if they made any progress.

The comments have been very active over the last couple of years on this post, and you will see that attorney Jeremy Bierbach from Franssen Advocaten, has been supportive in answering questions.

Jeremy is originally from the USA but moved to the Netherlands in 2001 and has lived here since.  He has focussed on immigration and European migration law for some time now.

If you would like to see if Jeremy can help you in your quest for (regaining) Dutch citizenship, please contact him via Franssen Advocaten.

Franssen Advocaten also has information on their website in English about many aspects of immigration law for the Netherlands:

  • Family reunification
  • Working in employment
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Permanent residence
  • Dutch citizenship
  • Civic integration
  • Rights of EU citizens.

They can also assist with family law (divorce, children, maintenance).

You may also be interested in looking at their news section on their site, with recent articles including:

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