2017 Australia Day

Though I type this in The Hague, with cold fingers, and -2 degrees outside, I have been making it a tradition to do an annual Australia Day post!  While all of you there in Australia enjoy a holiday, I’ll be working tomorrow and the girls have school – and I always wonder whether to “celebrate” as it makes me quite homesick still.  I’m sure I’ll wake up to lots of photos on my Facebook feed of sunshine and beaches and maybe backyard cricket and BBQs – but what Australia means most to me is still family and friends.  Like I posted in my 2016 Australia Day post I’m still in favour of changing the day – you?  And for something cute – check out my 2012 Australia Day post of the girls singing “Give me a home among the Gum Trees”.

For this year, I’m sure most of you have seen it, but here’s the Aussie Lamb ad.  The video below also “rips it apart” (also very Aussie I guess!) but I enjoyed the sentiment of making Australia inclusive.  The multiculturalism of Australia and the Netherlands is one of my favourite things, and I hope we can continue to find ways to live in harmony.  Happy Australia Day!  -Renee




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