High Tech Centre Delft

Delft promotes itself as a city of innovation and technology.  This is in large part due to the presence of TU Delft (Technical University Delft), which this year are this year celebrating their 175th anniversary!

So there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about technology, including the international festival of technology and the Science Centre Delft.  A recent discovery I didn’t yet know about is the High Tech Centre Delft.

This is a not for profit organisation, which offers a work environment and technology meeting point for organisations and students.  They have a regular HighTechCafe and other events and partnerships, including both primary schools and higher education.

The way I discovered it was due to their Techniek Educatie Delft Summerlab for 8-12 year olds.  A friend highly recommended it and my 8 year old and her friend attended the last day.  They loved it!  From 9am-4pm, they (and about 15 other children) had a choice of workshops including robotics, coding and design (such as clothing and fidget spinners).

I saw on the HighTechCentreDelft website that they also do projects with school children through the year, like this neat one where children designed ways to better learn their times tables.

For more information:


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