2017 Museum Night The Hague

A highlight of every year that I have lived here in The Hague is the Museumnacht Den Haag (Museum Night The Hague).  At any time of the year, the cultural offering here in The Hague is world class, including the famous Mauritshuis (well known as the home of the “Girl with a Pearl”).  However it’s extra special on Museum Night as there is a programme of fun events from 8pm-1am.

I wrote about this event over on TheHagueOnline, where you can read my article and see some clips of my Facebook live broadcasts.

My favourite part was rollerskating in The Hague City Hall!  I was there for over an hour and though I started out quite nervous on the skates, I ended up having a fantastic time with a few friends:


I know there are a few MuseumNacht events each year, in the Netherlands:

Do you know of others?  Post them in a comment below!  I haven’t yet been to the Amsterdam & Rotterdam Museum Night events but plan to in the future.

There is also a kids edition in The Hague & Delft.  Both cities used to hold the kids & regular edition on the same night but have now split them into 2 seperate events.  Unfortunately the Delft kids one was on the same night at The Hague one this year so I missed it.  The Hague Kids Museumnacht will be held on 17 March 2018 and I hope to attend with my girls.   Here’s a post I wrote over on my Culture and Kids blog, when we attended The Hague Kids Museumnacht 2015.

Here are a few of my own favourite photos of the 2017 Den Haag Museumnacht:

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