DIMEX (Dutch Immigrant’s Experiences) survey – take part before 21 March 2018

EXTENDING THE DIMEX PROJECT – by a Google Survey on-line
Are you a 1st generation Dutch migrant who moved to Australia after 1990 and has lived there for more than two years?  Even if you have returned to the Netherlands you are invited to take part, though this survey is focussed on those who (intended to) migrate, not those on temporary expat contracts.   It does not matter whether you have an Australian passport or not, as we are well aware of the fact that many Dutch migrants do not want to give up their Dutch passport so opt to live in Australia as a Permanent Resident.
The DACC has started to extend the Dutch Immigrants’ Experiences (DIMEX) project, originally a questionnaire for post-WWII Dutch-Australian immigrants, to more recent newcomers, in order to highlight the different circumstances which lead people to take the step to emigrate. This work is being done by DACC Secretary Klaas Woldring in co-operation with Jose van den Akker, Ph. D. who is doing research more specifically about Dutch immigrants who came after 1990.
The original Dutch Immigrants Experiences (DIMEX) project was completed by the DACC some 10 years ago and was an initiative by Jan Joosten (Rembrandt Club, St. Marys) en industrialist Gijs Kommer, who approached the DACC to take it on,  and  made a special donation for the purpose. The Royal Australian Historical Society also made a significant donation. Two thousands copies were distributed in NSW and 307 completed responses were received. A Report was made which is available for the public – and stored in the archive.
The extension has been launched primarily as a Google Survey and is national in character. We also welcome contributions from Dutch people who decided to return to the Netherlands. The URL can be accessed via the DACC website where is found at www.dacc.net.au (under News). We encourage all who are interested to participate. The “on-line” version is available to all, older and younger Dutch migrants to Australia. Hard copies are also available and are being handed out at the DACC at their venue in Smithfield – or can be sent to people not connected to the Internet.
Klaas Woldring,
Jose van de Akker

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