Dutch Fine Art Master Jos Kivits Exhibition in Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia


Painter of magnificent Neo-Classical Romantic landscapes and sumptuous Still Life’s in the manner of sixteenth and seventeenth century Dutch and Flemish Masters.


We welcome your interest in the Exhibition of ‘Dutch Fine Art Master Jos Kivits’.  The Grand Opening will be held on Thursday 12th April at Heritage Wines Bartle Rd Tamborine Mountain Qld 4272, Australia.

Jos, currently living a reclusive life on Tamborine Mountain with his family, has decided that it is now time to show a number of his latest works, and some from his private collection. Tamborine Mountain is proud and honoured to have Jos living in our Community.

Born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, September 1945, Jos (Jozef) was the youngest of five children, a descendant of a well-established Dutch family. The roots of which can be traced back to the early thirteenth Century.  Needing to escape the harsh winters of Europe, Jos immigrated to New Zealand in 1973 where his life as a professional artist can be said to have truly begun.

In late 1986, along with his wife Lydia and their four children, Jos moved to Australia: first establishing a reputable name in Sydney before heading further North in 2004 to settle in Queensland where he now enjoys a much quieter life in semi-retirement.

A student pf the Dutch “Kunstnijverheid’’ school in Eindhoven in the early 1960s Jos continued his in-depth studies throughout the 1970’s & 1980’s under the tutelage of renowned Dutch artist Cornelis Le-Mair. This association led to Jos receiving the highly coveted diploma of “Master Artist in Still Life” in 1989 from the Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.

A lifetime of training, study, experience and the creation of exquisite Masterpieces has earned Jos an international reputation. His works can be found hanging in public and private collections in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, North and South America, the United Kingdom, several European Countries & South Africa. 

For more information, please contact Teresa Skirving of Emala Fine Arts Gallery.

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