Renting a home in Queensland

I’m sorting through some old documents today, and found this one for renting a home: a tenant’s guide to the rules for renting in Queensland

This is from some time ago, when we moved from the Netherlands (back) to Australia in 2007. Back then, we had a young baby and found an apartment for the three of us in Ascot, Brisbane. I remember at the time, competition was quite high for rental properties, with lots of people turning up for viewings. We were successful though and lived there for 8 months until we bought our own property. What differed from my experiences in the Netherlands was that there, I was surprised that a lot of rental properties expect that you do your own flooring and lighting. In Australia, this is usually already done.

I grew up in Maleny and first moved to Brisbane when I finished school. Friends and I rented properties in West End and Paddington. Back then, I also remember signing rental agreements. Each time, you pay a security deposit/bond, which you are supposed to get back when you leave the place in good condition. Sometimes there is a dispute, in which case it’s then referred to the RTA: residential tenancies authority.

For more information about renting a home in Queensland, you can visit:

If you have any experiences or tips for those renting in other states in Australia, please comment below.


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