A day on a bike in Amsterdam

There are few things more enjoyable than taking your bike out for a spin in the middle of Amsterdam. There are so many nice places to visit. The Dutch capital is full of treasures to explore. Thousands of good restaurants with kitchens from all over the world. So there are plenty of places to enjoy a delicious meal. To explore the history of Amsterdam, there are a lot of interesting museums. Also there are a lot of green spaces. In every part of the city there is a park where you can cycle and enjoy fresh air. And after a whole day of cycling, we can imagine that you just want to relax at a beautiful spot where you can grab a beer or a wine. We made a list for you, of what you can do in a day when you visit Amsterdam by bike. We gathered some of our favorite spots to help you enjoy Amsterdam to the fullest!

A good breakfast is the best way to start your day. In Amsterdam we love the Ysbreeker located in the east of the city. It has a really relaxed atmosphere inside and when the sun is shining you can enjoy their terrace, with a beautiful view of the Amstel river. The breakfast is really tasty with a lot of good options. When you are finished and enjoyed a good breakfast you can step on the bike and go to several famous squares. For starters, you can go to Museum Square. There you can relax on the grass or take a picture with the letters of I Amsterdam. After this you might continue cycling for two minutes to encounter the Rijksmuseum. There you can explore some art of great Dutch artists from the past. Five minutes cycling from Rijksmuseum lays the Heineken Experience. Here you discover the story behind one of the most famous beer factory in the world.

The Leidsesquare and Rembrandt Square are also fun places to visit. Here you can shop for all kind of things: clothes, souvenirs or just some food. Or if you want to see the latest movie there are two cinemas at the squares. We can imagine that you need to rest a little and eat something after visiting these spots. At the Waterkant you can relax, drink and eat something at a great location. Its located at the water with a great view on the canals. There is always a great vibe among the people. After your little break, we’ll definitely recommend walking to Winkel 43 for a delightful dessert. Here you can enjoy the best apple pie of Amsterdam. Inside it’s very cozy and the pie is really fresh made. Absolutely a must-go!

From the Waterkant you can easily walk further to enjoy the canals and the great architecture of all the historical houses. Some of these houses were built in the Golden Age. To finish your day you can cycle to Pllek. To get to this place you also need to take the ferry with your bike. This is a unique experience. When you reach Pllek you can order something to drink and just lay down outside, on the comfy benches. Also here you will enjoy a quite beautiful view of Amsterdam.

This is our one day recommendation, but there is so many more to explore. Also take a look at this website which has several interesting cycling facts of Amsterdam and some handy tips to cycle safely around town. Further, you find more good spots where you can rent a bike with good prices and friendly staff. Compare the prices of all rental stores so you make a good decision and enjoy Amsterdam as a local, always by bike. Everyday is a day to explore new things. So step on your bike and enjoy the ride!

Guest post provided by https://myhotelbike.com/

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