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I’ve been writing articles at Dutch Australian since 2011.  Today, 23 November 2018, I initiated the process to shift from to What does that mean for you?  Mostly that things will look a little different soon.  All of the content will move across and all going well, so will all the images etc.  The layout will change though, and I’m still working on this, so things may be a bit messy for a month or so.  Out of nostalgia mostly, I recorded a short version and longer version walkthrough of the site as it currently is (and has been for the last few years).

Shorter version video:

Longer version video:

When the actual transfer happens, around 23-25 November, things will be a bit messy for a while.  The content will all be there, but I will be working on finding a new layout.  Then, in December 2018 and beyond, I’ll be working on the site and making it even better.  Behind the scenes, things will be more robust, and in 2019 I’ll start accepting personal guest posts for anyone who would like to share their stories, and also will have a donate button and accept some advertising to cover the cost of hosting.

Thanks for sharing the Dutch Australian journey and I’m proud to be building a platform where we can connect and share stories and information about our connections to both countries.

Always happy to hear from you!  Let me know what you think – of the old site, the new site or anything else relating to (being a) Dutch Australian.  Click the contact button.

Renee 🙂

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