Dual Dutch Australian nationality

Dutch Australian dual nationality

This was one of the most popular posts over on the Dutch Australian page on Facebook so I’m embedding a copy here for future reference…

Curious how many other dual nationals there are out there? I know it’s only possible in certain circumstances, and our family happen to meet the criteria, but I do wonder if that will change in the future. 

It is expensive to maintain 8 passports but we are concerned that if we let them expire there may be implications. 

I know my parents and grandparents didn’t have an option for dual, and this is also the case for many many others. I’m glad I can officially maintain my nationality of both countries though as I have close ties to both. #dutchaustralian -Renee

If you would like to share your story of successfully or unsuccessfully applying for dual Dutch Australian nationality, please contact us.

I will also add in any official links and information I can find here. These links are current at time of publishing this article:

Nederlandse nationaliteit aanvragen

Requesting Australian citizenship

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Dual Nationality

Articles of Interest

The following are various articles relating to dual nationality. Please note that many of these are often speculation so please make sure to also follow/contact the official channels above:


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