Life in Australia

Caloundra, Australia

What are your favourite places in Australia and the Netherlands? As a Dutch Australian who has lived my life between the two countries, I’m sharing a few of mine.

One place that is very close to my heart is Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I was born in Brisbane and my family then moved to Maleny when I was 9. From there, we did trips to the beach in Caloundra now and then as I was growing up.

With a population of around 50,000 Caloundra is small enough to still have some charm but large enough to have all the facilities you may need if you holiday there – or if you’re lucky enough to live there.

For a while, my parents lived in the suburb of Little Mountain though have now moved to another part of the Sunshine Coast.

Caloundra boasts several beautiful beaches: Kings Beach, Golden Beach, Moffat Beach, Bulcock Beach, Shelly Beach and Dicky Beach – all wonderful places to spend a day all year round. I remember wonderful evening sunset picnics at the aptly named “Happy Valley” which is adjacent to Bulcock Beach.

For more information:

Here’s a few of my favourite photos, mostly taken at Bulcock Beach

Have you been to Caloundra?


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