2019 Hugh Jackman in Amsterdam

Last night, 17 May 2019, I had the amazing experience of seeing Hugh Jackman live in Amsterdam. This sold out performance at the Ziggo Dome with an audience of 15,000 was a dazzling display of incredible talent. Is there nothing that man cannot do?

The Man. The Music. The Show. is the title of this world tour, which kicked off this week on 13 May in Hamburg, Germany. He has a hectic schedule, performing across Europe, the US and back home in Australia through until October.

I went with very few expectations and had only a vague idea of what to expect – and was blown away. I’m tempted to share my experience, but think it’s best to just go without knowing much about the show.

He of course included hits from The Greatest Showman and Les Mis, as well as The Boy from Oz. Hugh educated Amsterdam about Australia in an incredible way, incorporating some great stories and a hauntingly beautiful tribute to Australian Aboriginals.

He gave a shout of Aussie Aussie Aussie…judging by the Oy Oy Oy there were just a handful of us there…surrounded by thousands of Nederlanders who also love Hugh.

One thing that really struck me during his performance is that Hugh is a true leader. I’m incredibly out of the loop with the Australian elections right now….but if we have more leaders like Hugh in the world, things could improve dramatically. Though he’s not actually in politics, the way he unites people, recognises individuals and simply exudes positivity is inspiring.

If you even remotely like Hugh, you’ll love this show. Check tour locations, dates and tickets here:


Renee 🙂

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