2019 Walk Off The Earth at ParkPop Den Haag

On Sunday 30 June 2019, we went to Park Pop Den Haag – the largest free music festival in the Netherlands. We went mainly to see Canadian band Walk Off The Earth and they didn’t disappoint! It was the first time we have attended a festival as a family – our 10 & 12 year old girls enjoyed it.

We were there about a half hour before the performance and stood near the barrier with them. I was a little worried about it being too crowded, especially as we are not too tall – but it was fine. My husband lifted our youngest for a while. I love that when we asked why she was holding her thumb up – “Because they are really good, and have come a long way from Canada, so I want them to know they are doing a great job!”

Only real complaint is that people smoke in the crowd. Pretty awful when you can barely move, you’re there with your children and are forced to breathe a face full of smoke. This is when I really miss the Australian laws protecting children in particular.

If you don’t know about Walk off the Earth, go and check them out on YouTube. Great band doing mostly unique covers. This was our favourite song:

Sadly one of the band members, Mike, passed away recently, so they handed our blue hearts as a way of remembering him, and asked people to share on Instagram.

Here is the original song they played for him, beautiful tribute.

Fantastic to have such a fun, free, well organised festival not far from home. Trams were free if you were travelling to the festival as well.

Next year it’s the 40th edition! https://www.parkpop.nl/parkpop-40

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