Dutch summertime and wintertime

Image: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zomertijd

Twice a year in the Netherlands, clocks are changed for summertime (zomertijd). This happens throughout the EU, where summertime kicks in on the last Sunday in March (clocks go forward an hour in spring) and ends on the last Sunday in October (clocks go back an hour)

There has been much discussion lately as to whether this should continue. Passionate representatives of both sides argue their case regularly.

After growing up in Queensland and spending a bulk of my life in Australia, I have always struggled with the short, dark days in the Dutch winter. An hour extra either way doesn’t make a huge difference – I still find it really difficult to go to work when it’s still dark, and come home when it’s dark!

Personally, I love the long summer days, where it can be daylight right through until about 10pm. When I had younger children, this was an issue to get them to sleep earlier, but now they are older, I prefer it.

For more information visit: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zomertijd

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