2020 COVID-19 in the Netherlands

What a year it’s been for the whole world. COVID-19 was something few of us had ever heard of early in 2020, and now, in December, it feels like there is little else that has happened this year.

As a Dutch Australian based in the Netherlands, one of the most difficult things has being so far from my family, and not knowing when I can see them next. My visit for July was of course cancelled. I cycle between deep sadness and acceptance. This is a serious situation and serious measures are necessary.

This has been a huge year of change for so many people. For myself, alongside COVID, I’ve dealt with a divorce, some major health issues (mostly related to my broken ankle after a bike accident in Delft), buying a new home, raising my two children and continuing to work.

After a decade of regularly publishing articles on this website, I’ve been very quiet this year. Publically at least. Though “social distancing” has become part of our daily vocabulary and life, I believe we should instead call it “physical distancing”. Social distancing is not necessary, or healthy – we all need to remain connected with each other, even if that has to be online for now.

For official information about COVID-19 in The Netherlands in English:


In Nederlands:


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