Stroopwaffels in Australia

Stroopwaffels are a national favourite with coffee in the Netherlands. With so many Dutch people now living in Australia, here’s a guide to fulfil any Stroopwaffel cravings in Australia! As Australians have such a hard time pronouncing the original term, they are called “syrup wafers” or “caramel waffels”.


ALDI often do a “Dutch week” with many Dutch favourites so that Australian Dutchies can stock up!


Many Woolworths stores around Australia have a permanent selection of a few Dutch products, including stroopwaffels.

Dutchy’s Bakehouse, Sunshine Coast, QLD

If you are lucky enough to live on, or be visiting the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, drop into one of the two locations of Dutchy’s Bakehouse (Sippy Downs and Mountain Creek) for a wide range of Dutch treats, including Stroopwaffels.

Anywhere else?

Have another source of stroopwaffels in Australia? Comment below!

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