Dutch Australian car stickers

Bert Bronkhorst has been sharing his stickers and his story over in our Dutch Australian Community Facebook Group.

The story behind my the Dutch Aussie sticker.

I recently turned 60. For my 60th birthday I asked my wife to draw or make up a tattoo that represents my proud Dutch heritage as well as my dinkydie Aussie birthright.

When she finished I loved it and thought others would as well.

So the proud Aussie Dutch sticker was born.

The original was white backed but people asking for clear so we arrange these.

We love them. Many people now have them as well.

The Dutch Aussie car stickers are as follows.

Clear back ground.

Post card size

$7. For 1

$12 for 2

$20 for 4

$40 for 10

Price includes postage within Australia, and is valid at time of publishing – these may change.

If interested please respond via messenger to Bert Bronkhorst with:

  • Name
  • Address
  • How many you would like to purchase.

He will then respond with bank details for payment and send your order once payment is confirmed.

Here’s a few community members showing off their stickers….

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