2023 Eurovision Dutch Australian entries

Again, both the Netherlands and Australia took part in the 2023 Eurovision. This year, it was hosted in Liverpool, UK as due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, it cannot be hosted there. The opening scene of the connection with two children from both countries had me in tears.

Full details on the event are here: https://eurovision.tv/

As a dual national Dutch Australian, it’s become a fun tradition each year with my daughters to watch (parts of) the competition. There is certainly controversy over some of the “political” voting, but overall we simply love the concept of countries uniting through music.

This year the Netherlands entry was Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper with “Burning Daylight”. This song didn’t make it past the semi final.

The Australian entry, Voyager, not only made the grand final, but placed in the top 10 with “Promise”! I had the fabulous opportunity to meet the Australian entry band, Voyager, at the Australian Residence in Den Haag, which I’ll include in a seperate post.

Congrats Voyager…and look forward to welcoming you back to the Netherlands for your tour later this year!

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