Jekyll & Hyde in The Hague

For Mother’s Day, I was very excited to go along to a performance in the Zuiderpark Theater in The Hague of “Jekyll & Hyde”. My daughter had recently found a flyer at the local library of the event. “Isn’t this your favourite musical mama?”. She was right!

Way back in around 1997, I first heard the soundtrack with Australian singer Anthony Warlow. I’d never actually seen the production so it was fabulous to finally do so – even though it was this time in Dutch!

Theatergroep SPOT did a fantastic job of bringing this story to life.

Zuiderpark Theater

This was my first time at this open air theater. It’s always a risk to attend something outdoors with the unpredictable Dutch weather, but we got lucky (and took extra layers).

Dutch connection

Later, I learned from my Dutch partner that one of the main songs from the musical – “This Is The Moment” – was actually covered (in English) but Dutch singer Rene Froger in 1992:

Here’s the Australian Anthony Warlow version – it’s not able to be embedded in WordPress but you can click through to YouTube

I hope to get to see this musical again someday in English! Meanwhile I’m enjoying the soundtrack again on Spotify.

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