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2016 Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision song contest is always fun. ¬†Here’s the entry from the Netherlands from Douwe Bob, which has made it through to Saturday night’s final: Australia gets to be an honorary European country and is competing with Dami Im: Sound of Silence: You can find the official Eurovision […]

Beautiful Holland book – a great gift

Beautiful Holland¬†strives to be the first book ever to provide as complete an overview as possible of the Netherlands‚Äô past, present and future. Naturally, topics such as Rembrandt, tulips, bicycles, windmills and water are included ‚Äď but¬†Beautiful Holland¬†has much more to offer. Tourists, businessmen and congress visitors who […]

2016 ANZAC Day in The Hague Invitation

For Australians and New Zealanders in the Netherlands who would like to commemorate ANZAC Day, there is a ceremony being organised by the Australian and New Zealand Embassies. ¬†Details are below, and *please RSVP by 18 April* I’ve attended several times now and it’s always a moving ceremony. […]