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2017 Embassy Festival

We have really enjoyed the previous two years of the Embassy Festival, it is a fantastic opportunity to “see the world in a day” and celebrate global culture. 2015 Embassy Festival 2016 Embassy Festival It gets bigger and better each year!  In 2017, alongside the full day festival […]

High Tech Centre Delft

Delft promotes itself as a city of innovation and technology.  This is in large part due to the presence of TU Delft (Technical University Delft), which this year are this year celebrating their 175th anniversary! So there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about technology, including the […]

2017 Golden Tenloop Delft

On Thursday 25th May 2017, I ran 5km in the Golden Tenloop Delft.  This was my first ever running event and a beautiful location to start in the beautiful city of Delft and surrounding countryside.  I started vlogging in October 2016 about my personal challenge to go from “couch […]

2017 ANZAC Day Ceremony The Hague

Each year, the Australian Embassy and New Zealand Embassy in The Hague organise an ANZAC Day ceremony. I’ve attended several of these now, and they are always special: 2013 ANZAC Day Ceremony The Hague 2015 ANZAC Day Ceremony The Hague 2016 ANZAC Day Ceremony The Hague The ceremony has […]