Billy’s Bakehouse: A real Australian meat pie in The Netherlands

Billys Bakehouse
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Billy’s Bakehouse offers you the opportunity to have a real Australian meat pie in The Netherlands.  This week, I learnt a little more about the story behind the business.  Darren has been in The Netherlands for 22 years and has grown Billy’s from a small festival pie stand to a bakery supplying major supermarkets in The Netherlands with real Australian meat pies.  Growing up in Yeppoon in Queensland he is the son of a butcher and “pie lady” who delivered lunches to local businesses.  With that kind of influence from a young age, who better to help educate the Dutch about meat pies!  He first came to The Netherlands “for a bit of a look” but ended up settling here long term and had a few different jobs, but started learning how to make pies in 2008.  In 2010, he had a successful stand as part of the Bevrijdingsfestival and this started a series of festivals including Lowlands for the last three years running.

Billys Pie
Used with permission from Billy’s. The Original Australian Pie. Facebook Page

A recommendation from a customer led to a meeting with Dirk supermarkets and from October 2012, you can now also purchase a real Australian meat pie in The Netherlands at a supermarket!   It took some time to educate the Dutch population explained Darren, with a series of taste tests in store – the Dutch didn’t know what it was and had to ask “what’s that?!”  Though those who had been to Australia or England knew straight away.

Pies are sold in packets of two and though in Australia & the UK frozen pies are usually sold half or completely baked, Billy’s Bakehouse offer them here with the filling pre-booked but the dough fresh – so it tastes more like a freshly baked pie.

You can visit the Billy’s Bakehouse website for a list of locations – both the Duke of Oz Australian Pub and North End English Pub stock them, and you can also order in a box of 12 to pick up directly from where they are handmade in Leiden (by pre-arrangement as there isn’t a shopfront).

Used with permission from
Used with permission from

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Available in meat, spicy and vegetarian, these are sure to be a hit at your next dinner party (especially with Dutch people – let’s teach them that it’s not only apple that goes into a pie!), or for a dinner in front of the TV…or any time really!

You can find out more at the Billy’s Bakehouse website and let us know if you buy some in a comment below!


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