Mirusia for Mother’s Day

I first encountered Mirusia’s angelic voice when I attended an Andre Rieu concert in Brisbane several years ago.  She is a regular accompaniment at Andre Rieu’s performances, but she is also a talented performer in her own right. This gorgeous girl is from Brisbane, with Dutch heritage and you can read more about her life and achievements on Wikipedia.

Remember, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 11th May in both Australia and The Netherlands.  With a stunning soprano voice and beautiful presence any mum would no doubt be thrilled with tickets to an upcoming show as a Mother’s Day present.

For a full list of Mirusia’s performances and more information you can visit her website:


If you’re in Brisbane and surrounds, you can take your mum to see a one-night-only show in Redlands as an early mother’s day present.  The show is on Friday 9th May, with details on the image below.  You can buy tickets here.

Mirusia for Mothers DayIf you (or your mum) are in The Netherlands, the “My Favourite Things” tour is later this year in a number of locations, visit her website for details and to book.


Or, no matter where your mum is, for Mother’s Day you can also surprise her with a CD or DVD.


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