Raising Dutch Australian children – Let it Go/Laat het los

Let it Go - Laat het Los - Dutch/Nederlands
Let it Go – Laat het Los – Dutch/Nederlands
Source: YouTube http://youtu.be/OC83NA5tAGE

If you have a young daughter, or have been anywhere near a young girl in the last few months, it’s highly likely you’ve heard them belting out “Let It Go” – the most popular song from the Disney movie, Frozen.

In our local playground here in The Hague, I recently heard a few young Dutch girls singing it – in English – in beautiful voices.  It amazes me that many children learn to sing in English before they speak it – actually a great trick to try if you are trying to learn a language (I wrote a post about this a few years ago you may like: Tip #1 for learning Dutch: use a song).

In The Netherlands, english-language movies for adults are generally released in the cinema as the original version with dutch subtitles, while most children’s movies are translated with voice-overs into Dutch.  Recently we took our daughters to the cinema for the first time in The Netherlands to see Rio 2 – in Dutch.  I’m incredibly proud of them that after two years of living here (and papa speaking Dutch to them since birth), our almost 5 and almost 7 year old girls can switch pretty effortlessly between languages.  It really doesn’t bother them if a movie is in either Dutch or English.  They have only seen Frozen in English though, and have been singing it in english.

Just yesterday, it dawned on me that there was probably a dutch version.  “Girls, I wonder if Let it Go” is also in Dutch?” I asked, to which my youngest replied immediately “Laat het los”.  I wasn’t sure if she’d heard it before or was simply translating, so thought I’d Google it.  And here it is!  My eldest daughter listened to it and declared “it doesn’t make sense in Dutch” and prefers the english version.  Though we established that’s probably as she’s so used to it already in english and as the Dutch version is using several words she’s not yet familiar with.

Interestingly enough, when looking for links for this post, I found this official Walt Disney Multi-Language version – in 25 languages!!

Are you raising Dutch Australian children?  Perhaps pick one of their favourite songs and see if there is an alternate version.  Have you tried this?  Love to hear about your experiences in a comment below.


One thought on “Raising Dutch Australian children – Let it Go/Laat het los

  1. Just as “zand er over” which is so common in Dutch doesn’t do it in English. ‘Zand er over’ would be VERY close to ‘Let it go.’

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