2018 Zomervakantie Day 10 – Verona and Gardaland

This is post is part of our 2018 Zomervakantie – for an overview of the whole two weeks, visit: https://dutchaustralian.com/2018/08/15/2018-zomervakantie/

On day 10 of our summer holiday, our girls stayed with their cousins and their family at the campground while my husband and I took a city trip to nearby Verona.  If you read my earlier post, you’ll understand why I was keen to get away from the campground!

Parking was quite easy and affordable and from there, it was a short and picturesque walk into the city centre.

It seems that the Verona Arena hosts some pretty spectacular events, including an annual world-famous opera, and they were in the process of bringing in props for an upcoming performance.

We explored the city for a while.

Of course no visit to Verona is complete without the Juliet statue.

In the evening, we went to Gardaland Themepark. They had a special evening entry price. In the middle of a hot summer, it was a good idea to go in the cool of the evening too.

I’m not personally a bit theme park fan but the girls had a great time. I discovered the shows and enjoyed these. An Italian version of Broadway was quite interesting!

The 5 elements show and the Pirates show were also both fun.

Tip: if you come by car, make sure you don’t wait right until closing time to leave. We left a little early as I wasn’t feeling too well, and were back at the campsite within about 10 minutes. Our relatives stayed on – and were stuck in the traffic to leave for an hour.

For the rest of our photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/FthCCbrrZr1zp94Y9

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