2019 Eurovision

It’s that time of year again already. Both the Netherlands and Australia are hot favourites in the 2019 Eurovision final tonight.

The Netherland’s entry is Duncan Laurence with Arcade:

His name prompted my husband to quote “I’d like to have a beer with Duncan”….proving he’s earned his Australian citizenship! If you don’t get this you’re not a real Aussie….Google it.

It still seems a little strange to have Australia competing in the EUROvision, however as our 11 year old explained “it just started in Europe, now it’s Global!”

Kate Miller-Heidke demonstrates both Zero Gravity and some operatic skills!

This article will be updated with the results later. Meanwhile follow the official website for all the latest:


Update…My girls and I tried to stay up to watch but didn’t last long…but woke up to this news

Renee 🙂

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