2019 Golden Tenloop Delft

Along with around 5000 others, on 30 May 2019, I took part in the Golden Tenloop Delft. This is an annual race in Delft, the Netherlands that takes part on the Hemelsvaart Day public holiday. This year was the 32nd edition.

Around 3 years ago, I started running. I set myself the goal of participating in my first ever 5km race. That was the 2017 Golden Tenloop Delft. Back when I started, it took me up to 50 minutes or so to “run” 5km. Really, it was a walk/jog/walk/jog. I documented part of my running journey here: Renee running vlogs

This year, my 9 year old daughter ran as well. We picked up our start numbers at the beautiful Delft City Hall.

This year, I set myself the goal of completing the 2019 Golden Tenloop 5km in under 30 minutes. Unfortunately I didn’t quite make it but completed in 32.49.

My husband and daughters cheered me on from the sidelines. My youngest recently developed an interest in running and has joined me on a few 3-5km runs. She can manage 5km faster than me, but at 9 years old was only allowed to enter the 2.5km in the Golden Tenloop. Her time was 13.03.

All the children receive a medal:

All the adults receive a t-shirt, I picked mine up before the race and wore it.

This video was set up just before the 3km point of the 5km race. You can see me for a few seconds at 12:49, green shirt, black pants + ponytail.

You can find my Google Photos Album here: 2019 Golden Tenloop Delft

The official website with more information: https://goldentenloop.nl

Renee 🙂

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