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Naar Nederland

When I first moved from Australia to the Netherlands back in 2002, a condition on my partner visa was that I needed to take Dutch language lessons and sit an integration exam.  In 2006, the rules changed, and you now need to study for and sit a language […]

A day on a bike in Amsterdam

There are few things more enjoyable than taking your bike out for a spin in the middle of Amsterdam. There are so many nice places to visit. The Dutch capital is full of treasures to explore. Thousands of good restaurants with kitchens from all over the world. So […]

Renting a home in Queensland

I’m sorting through some old documents today, and found this one for renting a home: a tenant’s guide to the rules for renting in Queensland This is from some time ago, when we moved from the Netherlands (back) to Australia in 2007. Back then, we had a young […]

Dutch Fine Art Master Jos Kivits Exhibition in Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia

ANNOUNCING AFTER 10 YRS, AN EXCLUSIVE EXHIBITION Painter of magnificent Neo-Classical Romantic landscapes and sumptuous Still Life’s in the manner of sixteenth and seventeenth century Dutch and Flemish Masters. JOS KIVITS We welcome your interest in the Exhibition of ‘Dutch Fine Art Master Jos Kivits’.  The Grand Opening will be held on Thursday 12th April at […]